Making and Selling Puzzle Books


Making and Selling Puzzle Books

Puzzle Books – To read all about click below –   Everyday millions of people work on word search puzzles and other games. I too am a puzzle lover, but when I thought about how to actually create any puzzle books I was stumped. How can you create all these puzzles? Most puzzle books have hundreds of puzzles. It just seemed so hard to create any. Then I had a ‘duh' moment! Why not just program them? And so I did – I wrote custom software that makes puzzle books quickly and easily. To prove to myself that this could work I created a few puzzle books using my software and uploaded them to Amazon. And holy smokes! – I was making money on my books just like that. I didn't really have any plans to make this software available to the public. I showed some friends what I was doing and they convinced me to come out with Puzzle Book Mastery. PLEASE CLICK MY LINK BELOW for ALL DETAILS

Puzzle Books Business

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