Fiverr is a global online market place for buying or selling services that offer people to get whatever they want for only $ 5, therefore the term Fiverr. An example is if a piece of software was offered on sale for say $60 you could possibly buy a legitimate copy of it on Fiverr for $5

Buying articles on Fiverr at vastly reduced prices is the mail reason why Fiverr has become a big hit in a short time. Fiverr was founded in 2009, since then it has helped people to outsource and also help many sellers working for them to make money online.

The marketplace is mainly used by freelancers that make money working in Fiverr by offering their services to their customers on a global scale, cross-country.

A transaction of Fiverr is usually referred to as a Gig.

A Fiverr Gig is just a task provided by the seller. Fiverr Gigs can be anything from logo design, software development, video transcripts to writing articles, and employs virtual assistants (VA). You will get more clients if you focus on the best Fiverr Gigs offer that helps you make more money.

So you need to make a show to start working and making money from Fiverr.

This is how to start a new show at Fiverr:

  • Click “Sales” in the bar on the Fiverr page.

  • Click the “Make New Gig” button on the right side.

  • There she is! Let's progress by learning how to generate and complete a gig on Fiverr.

What Can You Offer For Sale on Fiverr?

You will start by getting $4 from every $5 sale from the owners of Fiverr (later you can produce more expensive Gigs!). You have to start with a Gig that won't need a lot of hard work and time. This is true because the buyers in Fiverr usually wants their services as soon as possible and you also won't spend all day just at one gig. You have to complete the gig your on as quickly as possible otherwise you will run out of time to complete another gig.

Understanding the Fiverr Buyer Types

The majority of your buyers will be people who are in need of help on whatever they are creating online who will probably respond to your advertisements on Fiverr like :-

“I will write an advertising article for your website”

“I will write about your YouTube video”

“I will create a logo for your new business”

This type of gig sells more than others on Fiverr but to get orders is difficult because there is a lot of competition in this business arear. Another thing to take into account is that, people prefer to buy their services from people who have been given reviews or good ratings.

But this is not a point of concern. It simply means that where there is a lot of competition there is a lot of big money, so it really means that there will be will enough for everyone. Secondly, if you are worried about competition, then you will never succeed in online business. Best just to give it a shot and check whether you get a response or not.

There Are many Fun Gigs Advertised

There are many customers who will spend $5 with you on funny gigs to amuse themselves and their friends.

I Will Write a Poem for You

I Will Make a caricature of your friend

I Will Create a personal Birthday Card For You

 Then There are the Serious Business Gig Buyers

There isn’t a big difference with these buyers except that they are usually long-term buyers.

A review shows that corporate, business, and organizational buyers tend to establish long term relationships with their Gig creators. So, if your show is ordered by any company or a professional team, then the probability is that you might get a future project with them. For this reason, it is very important to keep good contact with these buyers.

Not only can these buyers order Gigs with you in larger quantities but the best part is that these organizations usually have strong social circles. So if they are impressed with your service, they just might share them with their clients and others thus make you more orders.

Finally, once you progress with your Gig profile in Fiverr, it's important to capture and keep more of the business type Gig people if you can to continue to sell to and grow more on Fiverr.

Gigs You Should Avoided Selling on Fiverr?

Don't sell Gigs that will need you to spend days working on them. Like “I will develop a complete web application for you, for $ 5”.

Because that type of performance is difficult to fulfil and your profile will be filled with negative ratings and reviews from people who are not satisfied with your final product, who expected far too much for their $5.

So try not to sell such Gigs that can destroy your Fiverr profile and then force you to create a new account.

I made such a mistake once. The Gig was “I will arrange your template on the BlogSpot blog”. I just got the one order but the order became a mess when it took me ages to fix a bug in the template. At that time, I was not familiar with HTML and CSS. But this Gig could get much worse if you give people a free template and you cannot fix the problems. So never try selling Gigs about which you who don't have full knowledge.

So from now on you know what you can sell and cannot sell and, we can go to the next part of creating Gigs.

 How to Create a New Fiverr Gig Title

Titles are so very important and can be the most vital features of your Gig, so try to make your title short and interesting. You can use 1 word with capital letters.

This is your first chance, along with your Gig image, to notify the buyers of what kind of services you offer. Think about what the buyers are looking for, and write a title that shows you can meet those needs.

You could go a bit more motivated and niche like with your description of your Gigs. For example, rather than just saying “I will design your logo. You could say.” I will design a logo for your business consulting service.” One neat trick about how to sell on Fiverr is to capture the names of the long-tail Gig names that customers would prefer.

Use language that inspires your title – Don't Say “I will write a blog post” Say “I will write you a beautiful appealing blog post.”

Description For a Fiverr Gig

When I made my first Fiverr Gig, the description I used was longer than it should have been. This is not recommended; in practice the buyer wants everything to be explained to them in detail but with as few words as possible.

What kind of description would you want to read when you buying a Gig? The answer is simple. Create a brief description but describe and be precise about the benefit that will be obtained by the Gig buyer.

Don't add other pointless words that are not related to the Gig. Also, make important keywords bold and highlight text wherever needed.

Fiverr Gig Video Description

It is recommended by Fiverr to add videos to your Fiverr gigs. This is because it has been proven that including video increases success by up to 40%.

They also do other things that are very important – they create trust. Trust is one of the most important aspects of online sales, and in Fiverr, you sell yourself. Video allows you to talk directly to your customers, what details you will do, and helps build an acquaintance.

Here are some of the main issues that you should discuss in your video:

Thank the person for watching your video and introduce yourself.

Address your audience directly.

Explain how this specific Gig will benefit them.

Tell them about your experience and expertise

Finish by telling them how to order

So, if they watch a 90 seconds video and you do a good job of it the buyer be more inclined to order your Gig compared to those without videos.

Get More Gig Orders

Create a private YouTube channel to promote your Fiverr gigs. Many people are flooded with orders by creating blogs about their services and promoting them. But the most useful part is social media.

Creating fan pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media websites will be good to promote your performances. Join Fiverr groups and promote your own Gigs. But keep your promotional limit because Fiverr can delete your show anytime. This happens to many people and you can read in the Fiverr forum about such cases.

Tips for Maintaining Revenue Flow

When getting orders it is necessary to maintain your income. You must continue to get more orders. In this way you can get passive income by Fiverr which can be a great addition to your main revenue stream and even over time, to be the source of your main money income. So, let's consider some tips for doing this.

Preserve Your Gigs

If your Gig sells well and you have added a few extra, then don't make a drastic change at your rate. You can of course increase the amount you charge if you move on to supplying more complicated Gigs.  Keeping an eye on your competitors who will be offering similar Gigs. This will give you a indication of what you should charge to remain competitive. Try just a small change at a time and see how your customers will react.

Producing and Reviewing Existing Gigs

Never get stuck on a limited number of Gigs.  Expand your Gigs by keeping an eye on the competition and being observant as what they are offering. And what is the most popular.

Try to improve and increase the quality of the gig you are offering as quickly as possible. This is known as Fiverr seller levels.  Adding more Fiverr Gigs to sell will increase your level position and your profile as a more reliable person for buyers.

Seller Levels Explanation

Sellers in Fiverr are rated as follows :

A new seller can have 7 active gigs.

A level 1 seller can have 10 active Gigs

Level 2 can have 20

A top rated seller can have 30 Gigs with many more options for pricing with VIP support, custom offers etc.

To be displayed on the Fiverr Home page usually, you need to be at least a level 2 seller, so it's worth keeping an eye on the Fiverr seller's ranking levels.

How to succeed? Buy successfully selling your services. So to advance to level 1, you need to complete 10 individual orders and maintain a 4.7-star rating for 60 days.  For level 2, you need to complete 50 individual orders (there are several other requirements here too, but you can dive into them once You will learn all Fiverr how to sell instructions.

Endorse your new Fiverr Gig

One of the most important rules about using Fiverr is to contact your friends and family to get some of your first orders just to kick the ball and start rolling out some reviews and getting levels 1 and level 2 quickly.

Do a great job to get some of your first clients. For example, if you offer article writing services and everyone offers 250 words for $ 5, then offer 500 words.

Start by promoting your Gigs on social media channels. With Channels that will show some interest and put more effort into it. Focus on the type of social media promotion that gets a positive ROI.

If you’re a writer, start a blog and use it to promote your Fiverr page. If you don’t like to write and enjoy speaking, start a podcast. Or if you enjoy video creation, do regular Google Hangouts and make use of your YouTube channel. Focus on having fun, being personable, and creating or sharing fun content.

As mentioned, the best way to promote your Fiverr gig is by creating a website where you can easily build up your portfolio in addition to promote Fiverr gigs. And it’s not only limited to promoting just Fiverr gigs but it also builds up your portfolio claiming your self-promotion. You can also link your blog to the Fiverr account. In the personal blog, you should include the following things:

  • What are you offering in the Gigs?

  • Why should the clients hire you?

  • Your pricing packages.

  • Your previous seller ratings and reviews.

Learn here how to start an online business that will allow you to earn even more income and increase your use cases and the passive money stream from Fiverr. Check out our guide to get even more sales on Fiverr.

 Making Your Fiverr Seller Profile Shine

If your Fiverr profile is updated and has everything about you in it, then it’s a good start because profile matters a lot in regard to how to start selling on Fiverr. Write an awesome Fiverr bio. Don’t write fake information or skills about you. Just write what you are but in a good way.

Also, upload your profile picture. Check the profiles of top sellers. You will see what and how they present their profiles. If your profile is neat and clean then there are more chances of getting orders on your gigs.


Well, that’s all. I hope you may have understood how to use Fiverr correctly and how to make money with it. Just a few more quick tips that can help you with your first Fiverr sell:

  • Use proper English and grammar in your gigs and in your conversations with buyers.

  • Do not use Stock images and avoid copyright claims.

  • Explain what you are offering in your gig service.

  • Explain what the Fiverr gig buyer will get and the exact value for him out of it.

  • Respond to negative feedback positively.

  • Use gig keywords relevant to your niche and gig topic.

Good luck and feel free to leave us any questions about your gig selling practices.

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